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Give Me Spots On My Apples...

The fall apple harvest is in full swing! And so far we have made 5 different visits and added 18 bushels of fruit to people's diets!

And we have only begun.

Every week, tree owners are signing up more trees to be picked. And more harvesters willing to volunteer some of their time to help us out are getting in touch with us.

We have discovered some amazing trees- laden with delicious fruit and begging for someone to come and pick it.

Our harvesters have made apple juice, apple cider, apple sauce from our portions.

We have donated to London Food Bank, My Sister's Place, Glen Cairn Community Resource Centres, Byron Cares Food Bank, plus provided fruit to 4 groups that distribute food directly to people who are living on the street or run small community food distribution groups.

Imagine how much fruit we will add to the food distribution system here in London when we are really swinging!

If you want to participate, please fill in the appropriate form on Google Docs.

To Volunteer to harvest :

To add your tree to our system:

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