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We live in the Forest City.

We're a community that harvests together...

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The Forest City TREEats is an interactive resource map of London Ontario, highlighting edible tree and shrub locations. We are creating a movement of citizens transforming how we see and nurture our own neighbourhoods.  Fruit is a transcultural symbol of sharing and Citizens can plant fruit trees in front of their homes, community centers, schools, businesses, on the margins of public and private space and interstitial municipal spaces like parkways, bike paths and alleys.

When the location of forgeable fruits and nuts becomes known to more people, they can become a source of food. Not only is it a viable food source, but it will provide flowers for beauty, pollen for insects and fruit for our wildlife as well as us.


How it works

The Forest City TREEats map is free to use. Anyone, anywhere, can plant a fruit tree along their property’s publicly accessible margins and add the location to the map. With each new tree, the orchard grows larger and is shared with more people. Participants can map accessible fruit trees that already exist in your neighbourhood  or plant trees in collaboration with cities in public spaces and parks. And you can sign up to add your tree to a Pick and Share Program.

Why it's important

Education is a big part of our mission. The disconnect of many from their roots is wide-spread. The more we know about our local botanicals, the more we can work to plant more and to maintain the trees and bushes we already have. We can all do something significant about our climate crisis. We can learn to preserve fruits for winter, teach our children about plant identification and the stewardship of our earthly resources.


This map is a wiki community resource, the information and locations have been added by the public. We are asking people to register before adding their knowledge. Information on the map will not be moderated, except by other users. All information and locations on the map are to be used at one's own risk.

Not all mapped locations may be on public property. Please ask tree owners for permission. Never pick a tree on private property without permission.

Frequently asked Questions

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