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  • How do I use the edible tree map?
    1. Register to use the map. Link to the map on our home page. Click enter and agree to the conditions. 2. Ways to navigate the map: - you can increase the map size using the + and - to view the area you are interested in . - you can enter the location you are interested in by using the search bar. 3. There is a bar on the top right where you can search for a specific tree or tree species using the 'Legend' or 'Tree Species' tools. THis will highlight only the specific trees chosen. 4. On the map, click on the icons to see the name of the tree or bush and their details 5. To add to the map, click the 'Info' button in the top right bar. Click on the icon for the tree, bush or plant you have identified. Click on the location in the tree map. Fill in the info bar. Add as much detail about the tree as possible: eg. condition,; needs a ladder to harvest high branches; tree girth; "Ask for permission" if on privste property; and location on property, if necessary. Click Save. 7. Change an incorrect location: - Click on the tree or bush on the map - Check GEOMETRY on the info pop up - Click and hold on correct location on the map and move to correct location - Click Save 6. If you have difficulties, contact Joan
  • How do I add an event to the site / calendar?
    Send an email, text or message to us with the URL that leads to your event.
  • What are FC TREEats contact numbers?
    On Facebook : On Twitter: @FCTreeats On Instagram: @FCTreeats Our email: Our Phone Number: 519-694-3696
  • You have questions...
    ‎Chantal asks: If a fruit tree is hanging over a fence over a sidewalk, is it improper to pick some? In my neighborhood there are cherry and pear trees and the fruit just falls all over the sidewalk.
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