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In Spring the thought all turn to PLANTS!!

And there is lots happening!

Weekend of May 5, we are giving away all those fruit trees, bushes and plants thanks to the City of London's Neighbourhood Decision Making grants and, of course, to all those who voted for this proposal.

If you want a free addition to your garden, please come! All are welcome, and it's first come and first served.


Asian Pear : OLYMPIC Large Semi-Dwarf 

European Pear : CONCORDE® Semi-Dwarf 

Asian Pear : SHINSEIKI Large Semi-Dwarf 

European Pear : RESCUE Semi-Dwarf 

Apple : NOVA EASYGRO Semi-Dwarf 

Apple : REDFREE Semi-Dwarf 

Peach : INTREPID Semi-Dwarf 

Japanese Plum : LUISA Semi-Dwarf  Red


Elderberry : MARGE 

Currant : RED LAKE 


Red Gooseberry : JEANNE 

Raspberry Yellow : ANNE 

Raspberry Red : HIMBO-TOP® 

Thornless Blackberry : CHESTER 


Strawberry : LAUREL 

Seedless Grape : MAGENTA 

We have ordered from Whiffletree Nurseries and their plants are superb.


This is an initiative that we LOVE!

You can sign up with

There is a poll to weigh in on.

Teresa Rutten would like to organize a cycling Field TRIP through neighbourhoods in London to map out fruit and nut trees for the Forest City TREEats map. This allows connections between Londoners and local fruit & nuts on public property and for those on private property where the owners would like to share the harvest.

I've added this poll to help her determine what days and times are best to schedule them.

What a great way to get some exercise, socialize, and even learn to identify trees!

Please be mindful of our beautiful ecosystems within the city and that the more than human world also relies on this food.

Thank you for wanting to make London a better place! #foodsecurity

Thanks to: Ashley Nicole on FB, with Teresa Rutten on FB, and Forage City London, also on FB

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