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Get your own Fruit Trees, Bushes and Plants- FREE!

Once again, the City of London has funded the Neighbourhood Decision Making initiative. And we received the votes to give away free fruit trees, bushes and plants.

It is so exciting to add more food production to people's property. Food security- yeah!

While the project was funded for London's SW area, trees will be available on a first come basis to whoever shows up.

I will need some help though. We need volunteers to help with the off-loading of the truck on the day before, and some to assist with the give-away on the Sunday.

And I will need someone with a truck or trailer who would like to go to pick the trees up. The drive to Hanover is pleasant and gas will be paid for.

Please let me know if the drive, or the on-site assistance is of interest to you.

I will be adding more harvesting information to the web page and on our socials soon. A calendar of ripening dates, for one. Then we can figure out our harvesting on private land, get more homeowners signed up, and harvesting teams organized.

Remember " Don't let good fruit go bad

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