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Shared Gardens and Trees

Forest City Treeats is a website for all of us to collaborate to make London a more food secure city. We have made a map of trees and bushes that are forage-able - mostly on public land and therefore accessible to all. Some trees have been added to the map that are on private land and there usually are conditions for picking- asking permission, etc. We are hopeful that people will add trees whose location they know about to the map.

We also are a hub for people who have trees and bushes they are unable to harvest. Coordinating private land to cultivate for food for owners who cannot do this themselves, would be another aim.

I know that most who have their own land or a garden plot will be very busy during the growing season, but there are also frustrated gardeners without land.

The city could be divided by neighbourhoods and captains in that area will coordinate volunteers.

We follow a simple rule of thumb: ⅓ of the harvest goes to the owner, ⅓ to the volunteers and ⅓ to a food bank, shelter or to people in need.

If this interests you, please, let’s have a conversation.

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