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We helped to give away 1000 fruit trees, bushes and plants in June 2022.

This was sponsored by a City of London Initiative called TreeMe, which was on hold during the pandemic but our application from before was approved.

Thanks to both city and the recipients!

This will do a lot for London: increase the tree cover which helps keep our city cooler, adds much needed oxygen to our air, sequesters carbon and feeds both us and our pollinator animals, insects and birds.

The day was hot and we had no shade. (Note for next time!)

Thanks to our giveaway volunteers too!

As well as homeowners, we donated lots of plants to LifeSpin for their Pocket-Sized Farms Mission (to combat child hunger, improve nutrition, and create innovative educational opportunities by giving children plants to grow) and also to L'Arche for their community gardens and their donations to the food bank.

Well done!

I will let you know if similar events are upcoming.

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