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Fall doesn't mean that there's nothing going on!

It's fall and the colours are glorious and getting glorious-er by the day.

On Sept. 30, several of us met at Cedar Hollow Orchard. And we picked some apples- most are on the ground but there was about 8# of apples that we harvested form its approximately 100 trees.

Cedar Hollow was abandoned when the suburb was developed. Steven Harrott 'adopted' it from the city and has been taking care of it with volunteers since then. It is a beautiful orchard and the day was warm and sunny so we hung out for about an hour or so.

On Oct. 29, we are going to join him in the Orchard to weed the forest floor and lay down some mulch to help in keeping the weeds down. I will post an event and I hope that you will join us. We will be the recipient of improved harvests when this orchard has been cared for. Like everything else, COVID knocked the care off the map for 2 years.

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Had a really good time. I’ve put Oct 29th on my calendar. I've got my apples sauce in my dehydrator now. Making fruit leather. I'll be riding my bike over again. Fingers crossed we have great weather that day.

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