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Black Tupelo and The Label "Other"

I was wandering around our Forest City Treeats map and discovered a Black Tupelo Tree near the Coves. It is also called a Black Gum tree.

I was intrigued to know what this tree looked like and found this article.

Turns out this tree has edible fruit which ripen in the fall and generally fall about, creating a purple halo on the ground .

I remembered the song Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison and found this article about the White Tupelo tree.

I am planning a trip to check this tree out at some point.


On our map, it is possible to look up most trees by type, but some didn't make it and that's where the designation "Other" comes in. I have been adding various tree to this label such as Spruce and Pine which are also forageable trees.

So if you come upon this symbol + , check it out!

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